Jim Corr, one quarter of Ireland’s super-group The Corrs, has given the strongest indication yet that a band reunion may be on the cards.

The Dundalk man, who for 15 years with his three siblings Sharon, Andrea and Caroline, were a multi-platinum music sensation, said this week that there is ‘a 95 per cent chance’ the band will re-form.

Despite the question being posed many times during the past six years or so by the international media, Jim made his comment to Harry Lee of the Louth Gathering History Project, who along with Jason McGee and the County Museum, Dundalk, is creating a digital historical archive of people from Louth who have moved away but want to relive their memories of the county and their lives since they have moved on to wherever they now are in the world.

In their heyday, The Corrs toured the globe, capturing the elusive US market before hitting a hiatus around 2006, by which point Jim said they had been “touring intensively and working extensively.”

This week, in an exclusive interview with the Louth Gathering History Project’s Harry Lee, Jim spoke of his and his sisters’ lives growing up in Dundalk, forming the band, moving onto international stardom and his experiences since The Corrs took a break.

In the interview Jim explains the gruelling 15-year work regime that he and his three sisters undertook before progressing to a period in which they prioritised family life ahead of stardom and show business.

Now that the next generation of Corrs musicians are here, Jim provides an update on what all the band members including him, Sharon, Andrea and Caroline are up to, including Caroline’s decision to embark on a new interest in competitive cycling.

However as the interview progresses Harry posed the big reunion question that many Corrs fans have been longing to get an answer to for a few years now  and puts it to Jim: “Is it ‘might’, ‘maybe’ or ‘will’? to which Jim replies “I will say its 95 per cent leaning towards ’will.’”

Speaking following the interview Harry Lee said he was delighted that the Gathering History Project is proving a tremendous success.

“It was lovely to interview Jim about his experiences of Dundalk, and no matter how far he has travelled over the years he always regularly returns to the family home.

“It was also fantastic to finally hear that The Corrs are 95 per cent likely to move to a reunion. It wasn’t a question I was sure I would get an answer to but now it has become a ‘watch this space’ scenario,” added Harry Lee.

Jim’s interview is available on the website www.gatheringhistory.com.

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