The site Humans of New York became an international sensation using a very simple premise that is as old as the ages: human stories.

The dreams, inspirations, heartbreak and fear of New York residents, accompanied by a photograph portrait of each person, captured the imaginations of thousands simply because we got to know some of the people we rush by on the street and stand beside in silence on the subway.

If there’s anything the Irish do well, however, it’s spin a good yarn. So, not to be outdone by the creativity of New Yorkers, Humans of Dublin parallels the New York site with stories and pictures of our own, showcasing the people who inhabit Ireland’s capital city.

Peter Varga is a 27-year old photography student from Budapest, Hungary. Inspired by Humans of New York, he began the Irish strain of the phenomenon last year. Varga moved to Dublin seven years ago, attended a photography course in Institute of Photography – Ireland, and started the project.

“At first it was very challenging to approach random strangers on the street,” he says.

“I would go around and around the same block until I gathered the courage to approach someone. But after a while it became more comfortable and now it's second nature.”

“There are lonely and they need to talk to someone, sometimes it’s really great to sit down and talk to someone,” Varga says of the people who feature on his page.

“Through this I've met so many lovely humans and I've had the honor of listening to their wonderful stories. I don’t need to walk hours for a great story, there are so many around us and we walk by them every day not knowing.”

The posts are certainly a whirlwind of emotions, bringing a tear to your eye one minute and leaving you completely taken aback the next.

Here are some of our favorites:

Dangerous adventures

This woman endured the bus journey from hell while backpacking through Africa.

“When I looked up I saw a guy with a big long gun who had shot the driver in the chest. He lined us all up, and I remember, the only thing I said out loud was ‘sweet Jesus don't let him shoot us!’”

"I'm on a bike ever since I could ride it. I always cycled everywhere, and I did a good few trips around the world as...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Dé Máirt, 21 Iúil 2015

Was it simply a coincidence or a guardian angel that kept this man alive the day he fell from a fishing boat in bad weather?

“It was dangerous to stay too close to the boat in that type of weather, so I spent about half an hour in the water, until eventually I could hold on to the rope and they could pull me back. I came very close to losing my life that day.”

"My boat was damaged and it was in a shipyard that day. A friend of mine asked me to come to sail with them. The weather...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Dé Sathairn, 13 Meitheamh 2015


This lovely gentleman tells us of coping with the death of his wife and and growing tomatoes.

“A few months later my neighbors arrived with a box of tomato plants, about 12 little sprouts, and he said they're not giving up on me. I was looking down at these little sprouts and thinking how the hell I’m going to plant them if I can’t even bend down anymore.”

"In the back garden we used to grow tomato plants, but she died about 18 months ago so I stopped growing them. She was a...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Dé Luain, 20 Iúil 2015

This woman tells us her tale of escaping an unhappy relationship.

“I never accepted losing my childlike dreams and hopes. I'm still a child, but I'm mature at the same time, because I had to protect my dreams.”

"I like to stay alone most of the time, to be honest I feel much more lonely around people. This is natural for me, and...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Déardaoin, 4 Meitheamh 2015

Importance of family

This man has his priorities in order.

“I’m a solicitor and I have never had a mobile phone.”

“I’m a solicitor and I have never had a mobile phone. I knew from my colleagues they often took calls at 11pm on the...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Déardaoin, 9 Iúil 2015

This man went above and beyond for his father when learning of his illness.

“When I look at the overall relationship with my father, we've had our ups and downs, but having such a beautiful memory where you can see you're losing somebody, and then they just come back, was very special.”

"My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour just over 10 years ago, and he was only given 4 months to live. Basically it...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Dé Luain, 22 Meitheamh 2015


Among the many visitors to Dublin who enjoy themselves a bit too much.

“It was an amazing weekend man, I mean as much as I remember…” Seen yesterday on St Stephens green.

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Dé Máirt, 2 Meitheamh 2015

Is there any greater place than Dublin on a sunny day?

"I love to walk through the park and watch the young people enjoying themselves, especially in this weather... The...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Déardaoin, 23 Aibreán 2015

Struggling on Dublin streets

Dublin isn’t all fun and games, however.

“When I became homeless they told me to give her away or else I can’t sleep in the hostel, and this is why all my things are in this trolley. It makes my life much more difficult, but she's the only thing left in my life."

"I rescued her from a farm. I was walking through a field when I heard a cry, and I followed the sound to a nearby...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Dé Céadaoin, 13 Bealtaine 2015

“I'm just waiting for big money. After I get it, I'll go back to England and I'll change my life."

"Where do you expect that money from?"

"I gamble, on horses. I feel it, you know? The big money's coming!"

"I'm a heroin addict. I was born in Coolock, the heroin is everywhere there, you don't even have a choice. I was 20 when...

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Dé Domhnaigh, 26 Aibreán 2015

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