Guinness’ new advert, the first in their "In Pursuit of More" series of "mini documentaries," brings the viewer behind the walls at St. James’ Gate into the 255-year-old Dublin brewery.

Launched on September 15 the new ad stars real Guinness employees and shows us the “people behind the beer.”

The “In Pursuit of More” series is aimed at providing consumers with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the brewery. It also communicates the fact that the Diageo-owned brand is only 255 years into a 9,000-year lease. Their message is, "We have a lot more beer to make."

The advert follows a young man cycling to work at Guinness. It shows us inside the building and the brewers hard at work. They also introduce consumers to the barley farmers integral to a pint of plan and shows us families who have worked at Guinness for three generations.

Stephen O'Kelly, Marketing Director for Guinness Western Europe said, “St. James's Gate is a community of people driven by a passion for brewing and advancing the high bar set by previous brewers over two centuries ago.”

He added, “We're proud of our past achievements and we're excited about those to come. We felt it was time to open the gates and let the world see the people who make our beer special.”

Beautifully created by award-winning filmmaker Philip Montgomery and narrated by Cork actor Cillian Murphy it will run in the United Kingdom and Ireland this fall.

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