‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ PHOTOS

Producers of the upcoming “Snow White and the Huntsman,” revealed the official posters for the film at last weekend’s Comic-Con and the leading lady, Kristen Stewart is looking quite like an unconventional princess.

Fans of the classic “Snow White” are in for a shock when they see the fairytale princess sporting armor and sword in the dark re-visioning of the film, instead of the usual blue and yellow dress often associated with the story.

The film is said to be more action-packed than the classic, which was originally written by the Brothers Grimm.

"It's not a little girl sitting by a well with tweety birds telling her what's going on," director Rupert Sanders said about the film.

The film follows Snow White as she escapes from the Queen after 11 years of imprisonment and fights to escape the huntsman, turning the frail beauty into a warrior. 

The film is set to hit theaters in June of next year and will feature Charlize Theron as the evil Queen, Sam Claflin as the Prince and “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman—who is on a mission to find Stewart’s character’s heart to bring back to the Queen as proof of Snow White’s death.

Producer Joe Roth told Entertainment Weekly that he plans on turning the action-adventure film into a full out trilogy, despite his already competing with a similar “Snow White” remake starring Julia Roberts, which is already in the works.

The 2012 remake might be the first of a series, making this only the first encounter between the two beauties, Charlize and Kristen.

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