Fox News is known for its outspoken, over-the-top and often controversial conservative spin on news and current affairs, something you don’t often meet in the same way in mainstream media in Ireland.

Donald Trump is also continuing to pull in the column inches in the Emerald Isle and as such, media coverage in the past few months has exposed Ireland to some of the more radical views in right-wing US politics.

These views are not always met with the same popularity as they are in the US and so, Irish comedy YouTube channel Facts. decided to film the reaction of Irish people to some of the more controversial comments of Fox broadcasters and commentators in the past few months.

“It’s Donald Trump in a news site, launched into one single news channel,” one participant commented before the video began (this was meant negatively for anybody who’s a Trump fan) and we don’t think the Fox clips they were shown did anything to change this opinion for the better, including a clip in which Bill O’Reilly compares his guest—a Columbia professor with a PhD—to a cocaine dealer.

The video has even attracted the attention of US site Mashable who described it as “just brilliant.”

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