The Irish twins at the center of the latest season of the “X Factor” British talent show are public enemy number one among some fans of the mega hit TV show

They can’t really sing, they can’t really dance and they sometimes look awful, and even though they have avoided the chop on numerous occasions to date, John and Jane Public are furious with the seemingly untalented twosome.

On Facebook alone, 400 sites have been created to get the twins off TV. While some comments are typically insulting, some get close to crossing the line.

Louis Walsh’s act are somewhat protected from the public ire as they are holed away in the X-factor studios in London.

Though some love the kitsch duo, the question is, will the voting public elect to drop the duo based on their limited talent, or will the public continue to vote for the the twin anti-heroes and take them all the way to victory.

For every hater out there in TV land, there also seems to be strong undercurrent of support among fans who appreciate the Grimes' single minded determination to maximize what talent they have and go as far as they can with it.

Pop guru Simon Cowell says it would be a 'disaster' if the two won 'X-Factor,' but as seen before, the most talented singers don’t always win TV talent show decided by public votes.