Want to avoid the pitfalls of being married to an Irishman?

Here are some suggestions from men and women who we talked to from the Emerald Isle.

Things you don’t say:

1. “You’re such a mammy’s boy.”

Likely the case but it will be resented

2. “Want to come shopping with me.”

Er, mostly they hate to do that.

3. “Not tonight dear. I have a head ache / back ache / ear ache.”

Oh dear! Don’t challenge his masculine self esteem.

4. “My brother is much better around the house.”


5. “My mum is coming to stay for a while.”

Mind he doesn’t run screaming to his mother.

6. “Take your shoes off.”

He wants to feel he’s the man of the house and not for ordering around.

7. “Turn off that football game and let’s talk about our relationship.”

Want a quick divorce?

8.”I’m sick of going to Ireland.”

Aargh! His pride and joy is going back home and showing off to the folks.

9. “Be home early.”

He likely would anyway, but don’t pressure him to miss his time with the lads.

10. ”I’ll drive.”

Irishmen especially think they are the next great NASCAR driver.