1. She made the most dramatic entry ever to the big time at warp speed, from unknown to world renowned in less than six months.

2 The 'You Tube' video of her initial performance  was the most popular ever on the world's most popular shared video medium.

3. Her back story is unlike any other in the decade –  from problems at her birth, to bullying in school to the unemployment line to worldwide fame.

4. No Hollywood producer would never have touched a fictional script based on her rise. They would say it was too unbelievable. Sometimes truth is really stranger than fiction.

5. A cast of characters straight out of a Dickens novel surround her. Simon Cowell, the tough love impresario with a heart, Amanda Holden and Sharon Osbourne the ugly sisters, Piers Morgan, the dashing gentleman. Move over Jane Austen too.

6. Drama to beat the band – success , break-down, near failure, return, revenge, success again.

7. Nattering nabobs of negativism, scores of major writers, critics, artists saying she would never succeed, flash in the pan, can't sing – not pretty enough – 4.5 million record sales later who is laughing now?

8. Transformation from dowdy Scottish lady to sparkling star of stage and screen

9.A voice for the ages – in the end what it was all about – beautiful, mellifluous, tender and utterly unique

10. A story for the age, in tough times an underdog comes through – Rocky had it easy compared to Susan Boyle.