Ireland’s version of Jersey Shore is already a hit – with its unique Tallaght blend of sex and drugs and rock’n’roll.

Tallaght is a Dublin neighborhood well known for its unique blend of working class Dublin savvy.

The new ‘Tallafornia ‘series on TV3 pulled in half a million viewers for the pilot episode of the reality show on Sunday night.

The programme, also trended on Twitter worldwide as Jersey Shore comes to South Dublin.

Producers of the show, on independent station TV3, have been astounded at the initial success of the trailer for the series which features a group of men and women from the Dublin suburb living together for four weeks.


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“It’s always hard to know with a new show how it will be received but we’re delighted with the figures,” said TV3’s Maureen Catterson.

The station said in a statement: “It’s only the start of what’s to come. The show looks at the phenomenon that is Tallafornia - the people, the places, the hairspray, the buff bodies and the golden orange skin tone.”

The Herald writes that the stars of TV3’s ‘Tallafornia’ were filmed for two months and held nothing back.

The eclectic group of seven good-looking West Dubliners who ranged from 19 to 29 years old found an electric chemistry throughout the filming according the the promo which teases at an alcohol-infused two months of cohabitation.

In the promo aired last night, hook-ups were abound, surely partially in thanks to the three girls’ three-way kiss in front of their male roommates on the first night upon meeting. Hot tubs and a round of ‘truth or dare’ helped round out the dramatic first episode.

Catch the promo for TV3’s ‘Tallafornia’ here: