For the first time in “Destination Truth’s” history the show will be broadcast live from Ireland for a St Patrick’s Day special. Led by investigator Josh Gates, the show investigates stories of the unexplained from around the globe.

Gates and his team of investigators will air their search for an Irish Banshee live from Duckett's Grove Castle in Carlow, Ireland, in what he describes as a “hugely ambitious event”.

"We are building on the success of our St. Patrick's Day episode last year, which was our most-watched episode to date," Gates told TV Guide.

 "The Banshee has been a staple of Irish folklore for generations and many still fervently believe that this angel of death is much more than just a superstition."

Gates said that the idea of doing a live show was in response to feedback from their fans.

"One of the things we hear again and again from our fans, that they love the unscripted nature of the show. There's no better way to showcase those elements than in the high-wire arena of live TV. We're going to bring the thrilling, anything-can-happen Destination Truth experience to our viewers in real time."

Talking about the challenge, the explorer said he was going to do his best to “not to swear on live TV!"