Only days after reports whirled that Susan Boyle is lonely, exhausted and in need of “24-hour care,” news has emerged of her next potential trip: Australia.

It seems that Susan is incredibly popular Down Under, where her album "I Dreamed A Dream" has spent 14 weeks in the music charts' top three. She may make an appearance at the Australian television awards, known as the Logies, according to ANI news, and is the organizers’ top choice for the event.

Earlier this week her brother Gerry also spoke to Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper about a possible visit.

“It's up to her management but I do hear plans are afoot. She's mentioned it once or twice.”

"She's been to Japan, she's been to Chicago, she's been on the Oprah Winfrey show, she's recently back from Spain and she was over in the Netherlands.

"She is very much aware that Australia and New Zealand are very warm to her.

"She's taken aback by that, so her management will be looking very closely at when Australia and New Zealand can be done.''

Let’s hope Susan gets a bit of a break before she goes. Voting has already begun for the Logie Awards, which take place in May.

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