Singer superstar Susan Boyle's brothers Jerry and John have spoken to the press again about their concerns for the vulnerable star.

Maybe the boys should get the message that Susan hates this.

In their latest interview with New! magazine, the star's brother John reveals that although their later mother would be immensely proud, she would also be immensely concerned for Susan's well being.

Unconfirmed reports continue to circulate that all is not well between the Boyle family members, and this week her brothers John and Gerry appeared in a revealing interview expressing their concerns for the "Britain’s Got Talent" star.

As well as revealing their worries about the fact Susan’s career is being controlled by their two nieces, Gerry was also asked whether he was worried about losing contact with his younger sister.

He told New!: 'At some point you have to say, Well, I tried my best, I’ve got to walk away. We’ll always be there for her, but if it ever goes down, certain people will disappear. It’s very easy to recognize the good guys here – they’re the people who don’t want anything from her.'

The magazine asked if John thought their late mum, who Susan was extremely close too, would be proud of her.

He replied: 'Immensely. But also immensely concerned. Susan’s the youngest and we promised our mother that she would always be looked after. Unfortunately, here we are cut off from her. It’s a wonderful success story, but it’s also a very sad one.'

Neither John nor Gerry have commented on reports that the singer is planning to take legal action against them for their intrusion into her private life, but Gerry did tell New!: 'She said we shouldn’t be talking to the press, but I feel it’s our duty to say we’re not happy, because if something goes wrong, we’ll be slated for not looking after her.'

How about talking to your sister instead of the press. boys? Just a suggestion.

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