Irish show biz accountant, Ossie Kilkenny, has rejected all claims in the press that his advice is ‘harmful’ to Susan Boyle’s growing

He says that he only has her best interests at heart. The financial guru, known as “U2’s accountant”, said that he will take action
against the claims that he is giving bad advice to troubled star Susan Boyle.

He also said that he is “100 percent working with Susan Boyle,” and intends on sticking with her and helping her steer her career.

And what a career it is turning out to be. Boyle has been tipped by industry insiders to earn over $29.5 million. She’s also due to receive another large cheque, of $7.4 million, due to the royalties from her current album.

Her current album, “I Dreamed a Dream”, has sold over 8.5 million copies worldwide while her world famous performance has broken records on YouTube with over 32 million viewers.

A source close to Kilkenny said “He came out of retirement to help Susan because he saw her as someone who triumphed over adversity and he made it his mission to help her become the greatest success she could.

"He is not paying any attention to the nonsense in the papers, except to take the appropriate action, and remains focused on Susan's

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