There is no way Susan Boyle will be allowed to just date anyone, that is if her brother has anything to do with it.

SuBo's brother, Gerry told an Australian magazine that although his sister may have never been kissed anyone who shows any bit of interest in dating her will have him to deal with first.

Gerry, 49, said "Our family is very protective of Susan. Anyone coming into a circle from a romantic angle would have to go through the wringer. She becomes attached very easily to people so she has to be careful."

Gerry said he has his sisters best intentions at heart.

"I think there has to be a bit of reality in her life. I think the world realises she is fragile. She's desperately keen to be loved."

We're not even sure where SuBo would get the time for a romantic relationship.

She is flying all over the world promoting her music and is currently working on her second album, which is expected to hit the number one charts in England just in time for Christmas.

There are millions of people on a waiting list for the album, which is only being made.

Susan Boyle