American Idol judge Simon Cowell has revealed that Susan Boyle's breakdown on his British show made him realize he has a duty to take care of his contestants.

He said Boyle's breakdown was "scary" and really brought home the differences between reality shows and professional entertainers.

"We're used to it (the fame)," he said. "They're not."

And he revealed how Susan herself realized how badly she wanted to win the contest.

"I think at the point where she (Susan) didn't win, she was afraid everything would be taken away from her and she was going to go back to that little house.

"She didn't want to go back to that life."

But Cowell believes that Susan is going to make it as a professional singer.

"She is stunning on record," he said. "She's going to sell millions of records this year."

And Cowell revealed that Susan is a lot happier now.

"After all the dust settled, she was happy."