Susan Boyle’s Sony bosses have offered to pay her rent in a luxury home in Malibu worth $9.5 million, but she won’t move there because her cat Pebbles might not last the journey.

Her Sony employers are concerned for Susan because of recent break-ins at her home in West Lothian, Scotland. Before Christmas two men were lurking in her garden and two weeks ago another intruder disturbed the singer.

So Sony have offered to pay for her rent in a grand mansion in California, in an enclave specially reserved for the wealthy.

But she has turned them down because of concerns about her cat.

A senior Sony source told the Daily Star: “Susan said she couldn’t possibly be happy without her cat with her, even though we told her we’d fly the darn thing over here too.”

They explained that Pebbles could be flown into the US without problems. But Susan was worried the cat might not survive the flight.

The source continued: “She told us she feared her pet might not survive the eleven-hour flight and even if it did might not settle by the ocean.

“You have to admire her sticking to her guns. A hell of a lot of people would give their right arms to stay there for free.”