Susan Boyle has been helping Irish duo Jeward cope with their sudden success and media pressure.

Jedward is the tabloid name for John and Edward Grimes, Irish twins from County Kildare who critics charge can neither sing or dance but have become a sensation on "The X Factor" nonetheless.

The Irish teenagers have become overnight sensations with their appearances on "The X Factor" in Britain and Susan Boyle has been helping them out on how to cope with their new found fame.

A source told The Daily Mail: ‘She spoke to them about her experiences and especially how to cope afterwards.

"She also talked to them about some of the bullying comments she got from people before the final about her appearance.

"People have said John and Edward are like a freak show, which is what they were saying about Susan. She said it was important that they had ways of dealing with the critics."

Susan Boyle was scheduled to perform on "The X Factor" finals before leaving for America where she will perform on the "Today Show" Monday morning, the same day her album will be released.

Jedward are on their way to becoming a national phenomenon in Britain and Ireland despite critics like the London Independent which said, "they sing like drunks in a midnight choir."

"They dance like goats on mescalin and are, frankly, pretty charmless. The gruesome twosome are the marketing phenomenon of the age,The total take for the next 12 months alone is already estimated to reach somewhere near £5m: proof, if any more were needed, that the world has gone mad."