Susan Boyle was set up on a date by a television company she tells OK magazine. She explained in the interview that she turned down the offer.

She said: "What a laugh. There was a TV company that wanted to set me up. Apparently he was nice, but I've got my living to do now."

However, she told the magazine that she does hope to find love in the future.

"I dream about security, about one day finding the right person and continuing to make people happy with my music," she said.

"My advice to those who dare to dream is don't give up. If I can do it, anyone else can."

The Scottish songstress once famously claimed that she had never been kissed and that Pebbles her cat was her only true friend.

Given all her earnings in the past year however, no doubt there will be many more men interested than when she was just a lonely single woman.

Susan Boyle: Star looking for love for 2010