When Susan Boyle emerged on the scene, many were simply blown away by her singing ability, but some were more interested in teasing her about her looks.

After her debut on “Britain’s Got Talent,” the amazingly talented songstress was cruelly nicknamed the “Hairy Angel” by the trashy tabloids in Britain.

“I was fed up with being called that,” Boyle told the Daily Mail in an interview that was published on Saturday.

Boyle explains that while watching herself perform on TV, for the first time, she really paid attention to her looks.

“I didn’t know what I looked like on television until I saw myself on ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’” she said.

“I saw this wee wifey with the mad hairdo and the bushy eyebrows and said, ‘Hmmm, not really telegenic.’

“So, I decided to spruce myself up a bit. When I look in the mirror now, I see this sophisticated lady.”

But even with the new hairdo, pretty makeup and fancy clothes, Susan still knows who she is.

“I’m still a bit like that wee wifey inside, but more refined in some ways. I think any woman would have done the same,” she said.

“Would you want to look like the Hairy Angel? I don’t think so."