An Irish relative of Susan Boyle says the singing sensation was sacrificed for TV ratings.

Irish Senator Dan Boyle said that TV shows like "Britain's Got Talent" just want ratings.

All they want is ratings and media coverage, he said.

"The showbiz world can be quite bitchy," he said

"In these TV shows, it’s all about being controversial to entertain people."

He said the individual person "gets lost" in these shows.

"She is in a very uncomfortable place at the moment and it’s completely understandable that exhaustion would follow."

Boyle, who represents Ireland's Green party in the Senate is talking from experience.

His band, The Politicians, featured in the Irish "Celebrity You’re A Star" series two years ago and he says the judges, Louis Walsh and Brendan O’Connor, were difficult to deal with.

"We were doing it for charity," he said, so, "we went into it with a certain amount of tongue in cheek."

"But I was bothered by Louis Walsh and Brendan O’Connor being rude.

"In politics, there are some things you don’t say and some approaches you don’t take. You take a robust but polite approach."

Senator Boyle's comments came amid speculation as to why Boyle was admitted to London's exclusive Priory Clinic.

She suffered what her brother described as an "anxiety attack" after her shock defeat in the TV final on Saturday and was admitted later on.

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