Susan Boyle says her favorite song on her record-beaking album "I Dreamed a Dream," is "Amazing Grace."

She says that all the songs on the album hold a special meaning for her but that "Amazing Grace" is the most personal.

"It is a beautiful song. It's a song I try to learn from, about how grace influences your life. I'd sung it as part of choral work and I think it is one of those songs that appeals across the ages,'' Susan says.

Susan, who has been searingly honest about her battles with loneliness says she's glad she never gave up.

"My advice to those who dare to dream is: Don't give up. If I can do it, anyone else can too,'' she said.

Susan says recording the album was a dream come true.

"When you go into the studio, you see all these plaques on the walls of different artists and I said to myself `you're going to make an album and eventually if you're good enough you'll be there','' she said.