Susan Boyle means as much to Sony Records as Michael Jackson, the latest figures from the company reveal.

Sony attributes their sharp increase in operating income for the year ending March 31st to global releases by Boyle and Jackson.

Operating income increased for the label by 31 percent to $393 million from $300 million.

With Susan's album clocking in well over the 3 million mark, “I Dreamed a Dream” was a huge part of those sales.

Incredible, when you think about it, that an unknown Scottish stay-at-home woman could in one year be right up their with the king of pop and one of the greatest legends in history.
When you consider that most of the Michael Jackson sales were for his lifelong work and his catalogue, and Susan Boyle's were based purely on her debut album, you get some sense of the incredible impact she has had.

With the Michael Jackson era fading, Sony will be depending again on Susan and  her second album to boost sales for the company.