Susan Boyle is now world $17.2 million having topped the album charts on both side of the Atlantic with “The Gift”. She has now sold 10 million CDs.
She is also racking in the cash due to her autobiography and T.V. appearance including “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The View”.
Cliff Dane from The Sunday Times Rich List said “Unlike a lot of artists, who write songs and have heavy touring commitments, most of Susan Boyle's income has come from old-fashioned record sales…And it's mostly CDs as opposed to downloads, due to the nature of her fan base.
"I estimate she is currently worth £11million, based on royalties and advances accumulated to date, fees from other sources less tax, and including something for the present value of future royalty streams from her two albums."
Boyle hasn’t splashed much cash since she became famous just two years ago having starred on “Britain’s Got Talent”. She bought her mother’s late council house in Scotland and bought herself a detached property close by.