An exhausted Susan Boyle has checked out of the exclusive London mental health clinic where she’s been resting for the past four days.

Her brother, Gerry Boyle, confirmed that the Scottish singing sensation, 48, whose parents are Irish, left the facility Thursday night in much better condition.

“She's much happier,” Gerry told GMTV. “She seems a lot more like herself. I think things are becoming clearer now and she's much more content.”

The “Britain’s Got Talent” star is said to have suffered an emotional breakdown following last Saturday’s final show.

Boyle is alleged to have ran down a corridor shouting, “I hate this show” after she was beaten by a dance troupe in the final.

TV producers said Susan was “exhausted and emotionally drained,” and that they called the police after Susan acted strangely at her London hotel.

Boyle sought help at the $1,100-a-night Priory clinic, whose former patients include the stepdaughter of Pierce Brosnan, supermodel Kate Moss, and musicians Eric Clapton, Ronnie Wood and Pete Doherty.

Now that the amateur singer’s health drama is out of the way, she is free to focus on her music.

“The conversation has now moved on from the Priory to talk about her musical career,” her brother Gerry told People.

Simon Cowell has been in touch with Boyle since her release, and rumor has it his record label Syco will sign the newly-famous star, whose first performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables was downloaded on the web nearly 200 million times.

Meanwhile, Boyle has been invited to perform for President Barack Obama, and there are also talks of a Hollywood movie being made.

Gerry Boyle said that Susan’s confidence is growing, stating: “She's absorbing the fact that America has a huge appetite for her and she's now beginning to believe that yes, indeed, I will be a singer and there will be a recording career beyond it. It's all she ever wanted to do.”