Susan Boyle has had to part with the love her of her life, her cat Pebbles, because her jet-setting career is too much strain on their relationship. 

Pebbles is now living in London with a 76-year-old retired accountant, Pamela Easton-Browne but according to sources, cries for Boyle every single day. 

Apparently SuBo is heartbroken but knows it's for the best. 
Pamela is a cat lover. Pebbles joins her other two furry friends, Truffles and Sapphire and rumors have said they get on great. 

It was Simon Cowell, who discovered SuBo on 'Britain's Got Talent' that arranged for Pebbles to be "adopted" by Pamela. 

Pamela told Scotland’s Daily Record Tuesday: “One day Simon said to my friend, ‘Do you know anyone who will look after this cat, because Susan’s flying all over the world and what can we do with the cat? Anyway this friend said to me, ‘We all know you like cats. Would you have Susan’s cat for a couple of weeks. But I never expected to have her for this long.”

A rep for Susan also confirmed that Pamela is being paid to care for the feline:“This lady has met Susan on a couple of occasions and she’s looking after Pebbles at the moment for Susan.”