Neil Horan, a defrocked priest, is launching a biography called “Dancing Priest." The book will tell of all Horan’s adventures and misadventures, which, though it might read like an crazy episode of “Father Ted,” is this ex-priest stunt-seeking man’s story.

Over the years, Horan has predicted the end of the world, which he admits he got “hopelessly wrong." He also nearly killed himself by attempting to disrupt the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and he tackled a Brazilian marathon runner at the 2004 Olympics.

The author of the book, a Kerry-based journalist, Aidan O’Connor, said that Horan is a “mass of contradictions”.

“He finds small talk very difficult but is very much at home when talking about theology, the Middle East or world politics. He’s a scholar and a keen student of the Bible,” said O' Connor.

The journalist explained Horan’s stunts as a means to spreading his message about the word of God. Unfortunately, his stunts are getting more publicity than his message.

Not surprisingly, one chapter of the book also deals with a number of reports from psychiatrists.