Steven Spielberg's trip to Ireland was a "life-changing experience" for the Oscar-winning director.

Spielberg was transformed by his summer visit to Ireland which included literally "hanging over the edge" of the Cliffs of Moher.

However, it nearly turned to disaster when Spielberg took a tumble on the Burren and dislocated his knee.

A local expert snapped the knee back into place and the superstar director was able to sip a glass of Guinness and mix with the locals in O’Loughlins pub in Ballyvaughan County Clare.

He said he was "spellbound" by the skills of the local musicians and storyteller and said he was more relaxed than he had ever been in his life.

On the Aran Islands he rode the first-ever motorized bicycle to appear on the island and ate enjoyed a plate of fish and chips with the locals.

Spielberg, his wife Kate Capshaw, and their son were in Ireland this summer as part of a week-long tour organized by poet and inspirational speaker David Whyte.

The group, which totaled 32 people, was based in Ballyvaughan, County Clare, but traveled all over Ireland.

White says Spielberg “listened to poetry on jagged cliffs of the Aran Islands, soaked up quiet village life while in the Burren, and toured on a souped-up motorized bike.

"Along with his wife and teenage son, Spielberg enjoyed the country's natural wonders (not just the rain).

"They listened to poetry on the jagged cliffs of the Aran Islands, soaked up quiet village life at country homes in the Burren, and did walking and cycling tours. The esteemed director rounded out his trip outside of Dublin before returning to work, mind, soul and body refreshed after the trip."

“One of the things he enjoyed about it was he could just be low profile on the trip no fuss made of him, people were every good with him,” said Whyte.

Of course, this was not Spielberg's first trip to Ireland: The D-Day scenes in "Saving Private Ryan" were filmed in Ballinesker Beach in County Wexford.