The History Channel’s miniseries The Bible has been poked fun at by Comedy Central satirist, Stephen Colbert.

The miniseries, which was first aired on 3 March 2013, has gained millions of viewers every week and is co-produced by Northern Irish actress Roma Downey, most well known for her role as an angel on the show Touched by an Angel.

The Colbert Report
comedian remarked on Downey being cast in the role of the Virgin Mary, saying: “Wow, I wonder who she had to sleep with to get that part? Nobody! It's called the Immaculate Audition." He also mockingly called co-producers Downey and Burnett “America’s preeminent theological scholars” and joked that, "The Word of God, the story of all creation, doesn't really have the legs to sustain an entire series; unlike The History Channel's Big Shrimpin.”

Colbert went on to make fun of Diogo Morgado, who plays Jesus Christ in the series. The comedian referred to him as "a beefcake Jesus,” saying: "Their Jesus is way too hot. It does not project holiness when you cannot look at him without saying “God damn!" said Colbert.

"We need a Jesus who suffers like us – with a spare tire, receding hairline and who only came back on Easter because he heard there was chocolate," reveals the Christian Report.

Colbert claims that he is not worried about his humor getting him in trouble with God, explaining at a September 2012 discussion panel to such prominent figures as Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Rev. James Martin that his material focuses more on the misuse of religion but that he loves his church “warts and all.” “If Jesus doesn’t have a sense of humor, I am in huge trouble,” he exclaimed.

Watch an extended clip of The Bible here:

Still from Roma Downey and Mark Burnett's mini-series "The Bible" on the History ChannelHistory Channel