Piers Morgan has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to gun control, Stephen Colbert jokes.

The CNN host has become an outspoken advocate of gun control since the Newtown shooting in December.

According to the Huffington Post, he has clashed with several gun rights activists on his show, threatened to deport himself over the issue, and frequently cited Britain’s low rate of gun crime relative to the United States.

“Like all Englishmen, he drives on the wrong side of the barrel.” Colbert joked about Morgan on Monday.

“Oh calm down, Piers!” Colbert cried, after replaying clips of Morgan hammering gun rights activists on-air. “What experience does this union jack-off have with guns?”

Morgan recently sat down with radio host Alex Jones, who went on a monumental pro-gun rant during the interview.

Colbert joked that Morgan ignored Jones’ “perfectly reasonable questions,” before showing Jones countering Morgan with other questions about sharks, dancing chimps and banning people’s fists.

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