Each week this Irish girl surprises us more and more with her extraordinaire vocals and her rocking stage presence.

Here are just a few things you may not know about the rocker, who has made it down to the top eight girls on the show. 

Prior to performing on the show, Magnus prays and breathes deeply. She also eats candy when her throat is dry, but most unusual is Magnus’ ritual of pursing her lips together and whistling through her teeth. It works for her and Simon Cowell, the brutally honest judge on “Idol”, said he “really enjoys” her pre performance ritual.

Magnus, who likes all kinds of music, told the “Idol” website she likes bands from the 90’s like B*witched, Five and S Club 7, which might surprise some of her fans.

Among her personal goals are to be happy and whole no matter what, and to be financially stable.

Money is not going to be an issue for Magnus if she keeps blowing those notes out.

Even if she doesn’t win the show – and my money is on her wining – she will be snapped up by a record label.

Magnus, who worked in Cape Cod as a glassblower, isn’t only musically talented. She admits she can also knit; do special effects make-up like fake blood and latex really well and she can speak gibberish fluently!

Though she has no formal singing training, Magnus comes from an exceptionally musically talented family – her father sang in a rick band and all her siblings can sing and play instruments.

She first began showcasing her singing talents when she was nine years old- in a fourth grade show.

Magnus’ personal favorite quote is “Ngi Ne Themba,” Swahili for "I find hope."

The Cape Cod native, with roots across Ireland, said her favorite female artist is Courtney Love and her favorite male artist is Hanson.

Check out Fox 5 on Tuesday night, March 9, when Magnus is sure to pull out all the stops to win over the judge’s hearts again.