Irish American Siobhan Magnus rocked the house in Hollywood with her powerhouse rendition of "Superstition" on Tuesday’s "American Idol."
Magnus, who was dressed is skinny jeans, a t-shirt, waistcoat and sported a punky mohawk haircut, belted out the lyrics of the 1973 song as fans in the audience cheered her on.
The 20-year-old, whose roots lie in the west of Ireland, worked the stage, as she does every week, with poise, professionalism and swagger.

Magnus, who has a tattoo on her right shoulder, hit her famous high notes at the end of the song.
Three out of the four Idol judges felt Magnus knocked it out of the park. Guess who gave her a hard time? Yes, hard-man, Simon Cowell.

Randy Jackson said the Cape Cod native was “fearless.”

Although Jackson never thought the Irish girl would tackle the Stevie Wonder song, he said he was glad she did.

Ellen DeGeneres also loved Magnus quoting Oliver, saying, “Please sir, may I have some more. I just love you, I love you,” she screamed in excitement.
Kara Dioguardia agreed her two colleagues and observed that Magnus was “most comfortable on stage than anywhere else in her life.”

However, grumpy Cowell told Magnus her rendition of "Superstition" will “probably split the audience."

“Some will love that, others will hate it,” said Simon, advising Magnus to change it up a little next week.

“Have the screaming at the start of your song next week,” he advised.

There is no doubt however that Magnus has scored a place on the tour – the top 10 finalists tour the U.S. with the "Idol" show this summer, and it’s highly unlikely Magnus will be voted off Wednesday.

Even if she were to be eliminated, the judges would have an opportunity to save her, so Siobhan, we’ll see you next week!