Pope Francis I isn’t getting much of a honeymoon period from Irish singer Sinead O’Connor.

Sinead, a long-time critic of the Catholic Church hierarchy, spoke to Britain’s Channel 4 earlier this month about her thoughts on the comings and goings in the Vatican, and she’s none too impressed.

“I guess I wish everyone the very best, I don’t know very much about [Francis] so I’m not going to rush to judge him . . . but I would say he has a scientifically impossible task because all religion, but certainly the Catholic Church, is really a house built on sand, and it’s drowning in a sea of conditional love, and therefore it can’t survive,” she said

“The office of pope itself is an anti-Christian office. The idea that Christ needs a representative is laughable and blasphemous . . . . we need to rescue God from religion, all religion. They’ve become a smokescreen.”

Sinead has been playing some shows in the U.K., with more to come in Europe later in the year.  But she also made sure to point out that she herself is a “Catholic” priest, ordained Mother Bernadette Mary by the breakaway Latin Tridentine Church back in 1999.

“I’m a Catholic person myself, in fact I’m a Catholic priest whether they like it or not,” she told Channel 4.

“God means a lot to people and I respect that, but God and religion are two separate things and we need to separate them. You don’t need religion to have a relationship with God and the Holy Spirit.”