Sinéad O'Connor wants to work with dying people


 Sinéad O'Connor says she may trade the stage in for the hospital wards, as she reveals desire to care for the terminally ill.

Sinéad O’Connor has revealed that she wishes to become a healthcare professional.

The Irish singer and songwriter took to Twitter to make the revelation - but seems to have since deleted the online updates.

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The 51-year-old, who now prefers to go by the name of Magda Davitt, wrote on social media that she has begun a healthcare assistant course.

The Times reports that O'Connor said she was “totally excited”and was especially happy that nobody would be getting any of her pay cheques from the role except “me and the tax man”.

“I want to work with dying people, I want to work as a companion for dying people."

— The Times IE (@thetimesIE) September 12, 2018

“I want to work with dying people, I want to work as a companion for dying people. Tonight I start my training in that arena and the world better watch out,” she said.

While she may have her mind set on pursuing a new line of work, O'Connor also recently released her first music in four years: a single called Milestones. A new album, called No Mud No Lotus, is stated for release in late 2019.

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