It’s well known that Susan Boyle lives in her humble childhood home – perhaps too well known. Last week an intruder disturbed Susan, and before Christmas two men were found lurking in her garden. That’s not to mention the woman who stalked her and the “fans” who scare her by peering through her windows.

So a worried Simon Cowell has advised Susan to move out.

"Simon's always offered her 24/7 security but her management haven't taken up the offer,” a friend of hers told News of the World. “Normally it's not the label's responsibility but because of how famous she got so quickly Simon is very caring about Susan."

Susan’s brother Gerry Boyle is also concerned. "Susan wants to stay in her house. We all grew up there but she has to know she can't now,” he told the British paper.

"She's telling everyone she will stay but she has to be made to move. She needs protection.

"She has to realize she is in the world of celebrity and she is too exposed in that house. It's going to be a wrench but she has to move or who knows what will happen.

"She needs some protection and we are very angry that this has been allowed to happen to her. She is distressed."

He added, "The family are looking after her. It's a very unsettling feeling to have someone just walk into your house like that. It's shaken her up."

Since her mother died two years ago, Susan has been living in the house where she grew up, with only her cat, Pebbles, to keep her company.  Susan is known for sticking to her roots. She is also a devout Catholic, worshipping at Our Lady of Lourdes in Blackburn when she has time.

On Friday Susan stated she wants to sing for Pope Benedict XVI when he visits Scotland.

With so much going on, it seems vital for Susan to move house if she is to stay safe and well.

Susan, waving to fans