Simon Cowell, the man who brought Susan Boyle to our attention on “Britain’s Got Talent,” told the BBC earlier this week that he feels guilty about her breakdown.

Following the finale of “Britain’s Got Talent” in May, when Boyle lost the top spot to a dance troupe called Diversity, she was admitted to a clinic for exhaustion, causing concern that she’d had a breakdown.

And Cowell felt bad about it.

"I had total responsibility for the fact that we had auditioned her on the show, we'd put her through, that we'd created this enormous story," he said in the interview, adding that he felt he had a “duty of care” towards the star.

But he said Boyle is better off now than she was before she achieved fame. “People used to throw stones and taunt her and make fun of her,” he said.

“We did the right thing for her and when we found out, we acted in as responsible a way as we possibly could.”

He said he talks to Boyle regularly even now. "I speak to her once every two or three weeks… She still calls me Mr Cowell.”