Isabella Barrett has become a millionaire through beauty pageants and reality tv show “Toddlers and Tiaras.” The six year old beauty queen has already established her own jewelry line.

Isabella told The Mirror, “What’s not to like about being a millionaire? I’m a superstar, I have my own jewelry line and I just love being the boss. I never lose at anything and almost every pageant I enter, I win. But what I love more than anything is shoes. I have over 60 pairs.” Her closets are filled with designer shoes and custom $10,000 costumes for pageants.

Bella entered her first pageant when she was four and her mother Susanna became addicted to winning and fame. Susanna told The Mirror, “At a certain point at the start when Bella was winning all the time, I’ll admit I did get caught up and had to stop myself and say, ‘Am I doing this for myself or for Bella?’” She says her daughter also enjoys the new found fame.

Her bedroom has a throne style chair and there are Swarovski crystals on everything. In the Rhode Island family home Bella also has her own office and pageant room filled with trophies and mannequins wearing her costumes.

Bella has a voice coach, make-up artist, acrylic nails, hair extensions, regular spray tans, and $500 fake teeth. She takes classes in gymnastics, dance, and singing and her mother estimates that they spent $50,000 entering pageants in the past two years. 

The little pageant queen loves room service at five star hotels, which she and her mother often stay at when they travel for pageants. Her mother says, “She can go a little crazy though and once ordered $2,200 worth of food. It’s never cheeseburgers and fries, always the most expensive like filet mignon and lobster. I know it seems pompous, but to us it’s just funny and part of her personality.”

US law states that Bella’s parents must save a percentage of Bella’s earnings, which she can not touch until she turns 18, but Bella still has money to burn. Most of Bella’s money comes from her jewelry line Glitzy Girl that she launched in 2012. The company made $1 million in its first year and employs 42 people. Glitzy Girl grew to include make-up and clothes. Susanna runs the company while Bella is at school, but when school is over Bella is at the factory. She is also the face for Toys R Us.

Susanna criticizes those who say she is “sexualizing” her daughter and making money from her. She says, “I am not a pushy parent, I just help Isabella achieve her dreams. If she told me tomorrow that she didn’t want to do it any of it any more, then that would be fine.”

Barrett does not show any signs of wanting to stop. Her mother says, “The next goal is to be a Disney star and knowing Isabella she will get what she wants. She would love to be the next Selena Gomez.” Isabella herself said, “I love all of it and never want to stop. I just love being a star.”

Watch a video of a 5 year old Bella behind the scenes here:

The six-year-old millionaire, and former "Toddlers and Tiaras" star Isabella BarrettGoogle Images