After retaining his WWE title, Irishman Sheamus has John Cena's number, it seems, when it comes to the WWE story line for 2010. Is this the end of Cena as champ?

The Celtic Warrior is set for a great career at the pinnacle of WWE, and if he is defeated it will not be Cena who beats him, in my opinion.

Cena does not thrive in being vulnerable in the fans’ eyes. He is the good guy only as long as he is winning. Now that he has failed to win the title back, Sheamus is looking better than ever and Cena is looking wimpy.

The fact that the Celtic Warrior retained his WWE title even though he was disqualified says that the Dublin lad is becoming a hot property for the WWE powers that be.

Sheamus now looks likely to be the main story line throughout 2010, especially if Cena continues to play second fiddle.

Sheamus has appeared like a bolt from the blue on WWE, but it seems less likely than ever that he will go away.

The best way would have been for Cena to dethrone him in their second fight and put it down to an aberration on the first fight.

But Sheamus was having none of it, and the kick he delivered to Cena could be heard all around the wrestling world. I think Cena is toast.

Sheamus: here to stay