Shane MacGowan, the Irish hellraiser and arguably one of the finest songwriters of his generation, can go without sleep for a week.

So before you jump to the wrong conclusion when he looks bleary eyed and out of it, he may not have as many on board as you think, he might be just wrecked tired!

In a recent interview with Mojo, The former lead singer of the Pogues confessed that he can stay up for seven days.

"I generally stay awake for about a week. I get catnaps, and then when I'm really exhausted I crash out for a good long while and carry on, you know what I mean?”

And despite growing concerns for his frailty, the toothless legend is committed to staying on this planet and entertaining his fans for a while yet.

"What I'm interested in doing is having a great time, and the audience having a great time, and living as long as I possibly can," added MacGowan.