Sarah Jess only wishes she had a carefree life like her character, Carrie Bradshaw, but in reality the actress is stressed out.

Sarah Jessica admits to friends she is finding it extremely "stressful" having to try and juggle motherhood and acting.

The actress, who has three children with her husband, Matthew Broderick, (twins via a surrogate mother last year) admits she is finding it hard juggling her acting career and being a mother.

“It is stressful but it’s a good stress,” says Sarah, who is mom to twins Marion and Tabitha and five-year-old son James.
“We do the best we can, like any other family.

“We fail, we triumph, you organism, you do your best. Most working mothers work much harder than I do without as much help as I have so I can’t complain,” said Sarah Jess looking on the bright side.

And rightly so Sarah Jessica, i know during your 'Footloose' days, life was easier, you weren't married or didn't have the responsibility of kids, but girl you have it good so quit moaning and get on with it.

As you said yourself, most mothers are in the same boat - but you have the nicer wardrobe!