A new comedy pilot involving a character based on Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger is to be produced. Twentieth Century Fox has signed a deal with writer-producer Peter Mehlman for a new comedy pilot about a young couple who get a new neighbor, none other than Whitey Bulger.

Mehlman, who worked as a senior “Seinfield” writer for seven years, said he couldn’t believe that Bulger had been living the life of a fugitive in Santa Monica for 15 years.

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"I can’t imagine how many times I walked past him," Mehlman said. "They had a dog and walked it in Palisades Park. I walked [my dog] Izzy there every night at sunset. I probably saw him 50 times -- and he has 19 murders under his belt, allegedly."

The pilot will see the couple remain unaware about the true identity of their new neighbor. The former “Seinfield” writer said John Malkovich would be his dream casting for the part of Bulger.