Star of "Sex and the City 2" Sarah Jessica Parker admits she didn't tell her six-year-old son James she was having twins via a surrogate because she didn't want to "burden" him with keeping such a big secret.

Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick became the proud parents of twin girls Marion and Tabitha last June.

Said Parker, "We couldn't talk about the fact that we were having children with anybody outside of us for ages. I had to be very careful about telling James so that he wasn't burdened with a secret - and, more importantly, I wanted him to be able to have time to adjust to sharing his mama and papa."
Parker and Broderick really wanted to have their own babies and Parker, 45, admits she really found it difficult that she missed out on carrying her own babies.

She told Style magazine: "I would give birth as often as I could; I loved all the aspects of my pregnancy with our son, the good and the bad."

She has previously spoken of how time "stood still" when she met her daughters for the first time.

She said: "Meeting your children, rather than giving birth to them, felt kind of like suspended animation. The day I met them, I just remember their little faces, and my husband's face and my son's. It felt like time had stood still."

Parker had come under fire in recent times for being away from the twins for so long while she filmed "Sex and the City 2".

Her big blockbuster movie opens in theaters next weekend.

Sarah Jessica Parker loves being a mom