Sarah Jessica Parker has three kids (with hubby Matthew Broderick) and she holidays in the wilds of County Donegal each summer, but the glamorous actress says she would rather change diapers than sing karaoke - as she does in the new "Sex and the City 2" movie.

Parker is currently promoting her new movie where her character Carrie Bradshaw bursts into song in one scene. But Parker hated performing "I Am Woman," explaining the experience left her terrified.

"I find doing karaoke incredibly depressing, really and seriously. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I have made my own attempts at singing professionally, but doing it involuntarily in front of a crowd of mostly drunk people is just really a bad, bad thing," she told British newspaper The Sun.

"I’d much rather be changing diapers – which I secretly love to do, so that’s not a very good comparison. I’d rather be late for anything, which is a horrible feeling, than sing karaoke."

Parker says she enjoys all aspects of being a mother, and has been open about her fear she returned to work too soon after her twins were born. The girls were born via a surrogate, and the actress says she would love to have more kids.

She loves the messiness of her home life when children are involved, and does her best to give her kids everything they need. "Honestly, I feel like the time that I have – about seven minutes after I drop my son to school and I’m walking home alone – that’s enough for me,' she said. 'It energises me and makes me appreciate all that I have."

Sarah Jessica Parker hates kareoke