The anticipation is mounting.

In a little over two weeks, "Sex and the City" fans throughout the world will sip their cosmos, don their best dress and link arms with their best gal friends as they hit the movie theaters to see the sequel to the first movie.

Star of the show and the movies, Sarah Jessica Parker (who plays New York writer Carrie Bradshaw and now wife of Mr. Big) talks to the Daily Record in the UK about the reason a hot wardrobe is such a vial part of "Sex and the City 2"

Wardrobe director Patricia Field has pulled out all the stops for this installment and just from the clips alone the girls are donned in the most lavish and elegant styles of this decade.

Field has been working on the show since 1998 and is responsible for making Carrie Bradshaw a fashion icon.

Parker said: "Pat Field is indispensable. We could not tell the story without her - period.

"Pat has a specific iconic role in the city that is real. She has a historical place in fashion that is now real. She has a sensibility that nobody else has.

"You can argue with it and not always agree with her aesthetic but it is unique and her own. It suits these women. It especially suits my character. There are hits and misses but she loves it.

"She's really good at telling the story with clothes."

On the style in "Sex and the City 2" Parker said, "Innerwear as outerwear and thrift store to old vintage, to important archive pieces, to literally right off the runway - it's all part of her lexicon because it's who she really is. She doesn't have to struggle to find that. The colours and silhouettes are completely different.

"The lengths of clothing are different than they've been in the past."

Parker doesn't give anything away about the new movie- all the cast have signed million-dollar contracts that require them to keep tight lipped about the plots.

However we do know from the movie trailers, Bradshaw runs into her first fiance, Aidan (played by John Corbett) which on vacation with the girls in Abu Dhabi.

She said: "I cannot say what's in store but I can say that in the last two years she has devoted herself to this marriage that we witnessed in the first movie and she's about to publish her fourth book. She is very happy being a housewife as she understands it.

"They have a new home that she's enjoying decorating and spends time with her friends as much as their schedules and lives allow."

Parker lived in Abu Dhabi with the girls for two months and said it was wonderful.

"It was pretty fantastic. This is probably the most time the characters have ever spent together.

"Simultaneously, it was the first time that the four actors left the country, lived together and worked together for almost eight weeks solid.

"It is the most fun and the hardest we've ever worked together."

The film also stars Penelope Cruz, Miley Cyrus and Liza Minnelli. But it's Chris Noth as Big, aka John James Preston that causes all the fuss.

Parker said: "Chris was, and is, so perfect. Men love him, they protect that storyline. They say to me, 'You're not going to do something awful to Mr Big, are you?'.

"And women swoon because he's THAT guy. He is that fable."

"Sex and the City 2" opens worldwide on Friday, May 28.


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