Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of 'Sex and the City 2,' loves receiving all the free clothes from the movie because she "grew up poor," famed stylist Patricia Field has claimed.

The actress has just reprised her role as Carrie Bradshaw for the second movie adaptation. The movie (like the original TV series) is renowned for the outfits Sarah Jessica and her co-stars Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis wear, which were chosen by costume designer Patricia Field.

It was recently reported the wardrobe for 'Sex and the City 2' cost $10 million dollars. Although that figure has been disputed it is known that Sarah Jessica gets to keep all the clothing she wears on set.

Patricia insists it is understandable that the actress wants to take home the pieces as she is not used to having such lavish outfits. 'If there’s anything that makes her like that, it’s that she grew up poor, and she delights in all the things she can have and has,' Patricia explained.

Patricia insists her upbringing had a huge affect on Sarah Jessica and she is now making up for lost time. 'She’s in a position where she’s offered many things. I am, as well. My take on it is her thing is that she comes from a family that was not wealthy at all, and it was a big family. She remembers her childhood as being poor, and when her career started as a child, she really helped support and provide for her family,' Patricia told the American edition of OK! magazine.

'She’s a poor girl made good, and she, like, can’t stop.'