Fans of "Barry", the lauded HBO dark comedy which ended its four-season run on Sunday night, might want to check out a new show that recently premiered on Sundance Now and AMC+ and which stars "Barry" favorite Sarah Goldberg.  It’s called "SisterS", is set in Ireland and was also co-created by Goldberg, an Emmy nominee.

"SisterS" was created by Goldberg with her best friend, the Dublin-born actress Susan Stanley, who she met while both attended the London Academy nearly 20 years ago.  They’ve stayed tight ever since, and their show has them playing half-sisters – one from Canada (Goldberg is Canadian) and the other from Ireland who didn’t know about the existence of each other till later in life.  Their mission is to find the alcoholic father in Ireland who provided the common DNA.

"SisterS" was shot in counties Wicklow and Galway last year, and the first of its six episodes debuted on RTE in Ireland, in March.  

“I think for us, we never wanted to make a straight comedy,” Stanley told the Irish Examiner earlier this year.

“What we were always interested in, all the challenges we’ve had in our lives and what’s helped us cope with them is this macabre humor that comes out of that.” 

The Hollywood Reporter gave "SisterS" an okay review and gushed over Goldberg.

 “The show that’s here isn’t bad, in large part because longtime friends and collaborators Goldberg and Stanley build the relationship between these strangers in a way that is likably warm and yet uneasy, without going quite as dark as the show’s clear inspirations – 'Fleabag' and, especially, 'Catastrophe' are central to the DNA – might have gone. 'SisterS' has undercurrents exploring alcoholism, abuse and the impact of absentee parents, but it’s more likely to settle for broad humor over meaning in its murkier terrain,” critic Daniel Fienberg wrote.

Viewers can still catch "SisterS" on the RTE Player here. The first episode aired in the US on May 17 and is now available to binge on Sundance Now and AMC+. 

Check out the RTE trailer here: