Award winning actress Saoirse Ronan, who just celebrated her 18th birthday in April,  says she likes to bring her favorite Irish treats with her to foreign movie sets.

The Carlow teenager, told the Evening Herald how she always ensures she as her favorite traditional Irish food with her, while she is abroad working.

"Every single film set I go to I have things from home like that [Irish tea] with me... It still tastes different though, it's never a proper Irish cup of tea unfortunately."

The leading star of the upcoming  movie “The  Host”  revealed how she depleted her stock of teabags during filming of Stephenie Meyer's new flick in Louisiana.

"We ran out of teabags over there so we had to get loads more sent over and any Irish person visiting New Orleans was ordered to bring some with them. It's very important."

The former ‘Atonement’ star is taking a well deserved break at home in Ireland before she heads back to the U.S. for filming.

"I've a break for a few weeks now, I'm at home so I'm able to sleep and catch up with people. It's been nice. It's lovely to see everyone because I've been away for so long and I really missed home," she said.

Watch the teaser trailer for ‘The Host” below: