Saoirse Ronan sat down with Document magazine recently and her friend, the former Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, did the interview. The two met a dozen years ago when Saoirse was 16 and doing her first shoot for Vogue, and they’ve stayed in contact since.

They traded some interesting stories, including one about Lady Gaga, who Saoirse says she adores.  They say it’s never a good idea to meet your idols, but that wasn’t so in this case.

“That was a dream come true for me because when I was younger, she was my idol. She was the person I admired most as a teenager. Genuinely. I remember always thinking, when I meet Lady Gaga — because I will meet her — I don’t want it to be at an industry thing. Because you never get to really properly spend time with anyone,” she recalled.

“And they’re looking over your shoulder to see if there’s anyone more famous behind you. I just wanted to bump into her on the streets of somewhere.  And that is exactly what happened.”

Saoirse didn’t get into when or where it happened, but Gaga was on brand and “had no trousers on,” she says.  “I couldn’t believe it. And she was so nice to my mom.”

Speaking of Paul Mescal – isn’t everyone? – Saoirse says the Oscar nominee, who she shot a film with last year, is one of the good guys.   “We did a film together at the beginning of last year in Australia, called Foe. We knew each other sort of in passing before, just through friends. We’ve become very, very close since making the film. We’re genuine friends; we’re not Hollywood friends,” she revealed.

Saoirse also reminisced about her stint hosting Saturday Night Live in 2017. Even though she got some flak for an Aer Lingus skit which some sourpusses branded stereotypical, Saoirse said the work that goes into the 90-minute show is “a real killer,” but worth it.

“Someone said something that really stuck with me, which is if you’re not a fan of the show, you shouldn’t do the show. It takes so much energy out of you for the week, because – you’re right – it’s relentless. Not even just that Saturday night, when you do the show twice. I needed two B-12 shots throughout the week because I was so exhausted. People are usually doing it during a press junket, as well.  I absolutely loved it. I’ve always loved comedy,” she says.

No word on when Foe will be released. It’s expected this year, via Amazon Studios.