Saoirse Ronan is having an amazing year and now she's being named on Maxim's ot 100 list of really hot ladies but she's not a fan or of Kim Kardashian's.

It's been an incredible 2018 for Saoirse Ronan on the acting front as she earned all kinds of kudos, and her first Golden Globe, for her star turn in Lady Bird. She looked pretty incredible on the multiple red carpets she ruled, and the “lad bible” Maxim magazine took notice and named Saoirse on its annual Hot 100 list of really hot ladies.

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“She may not have won an Oscar for her portrayal of an angsty teen in Lady Bird, but we think she should have – she was that good.  We’re excited for her next role, in the dramatic piece Mary, Queen of Scots, alongside fellow Hot 100’er Margot Robbie,” the caption on her Maxim photo read.

See EVERYONE who made the list... #MaximHot100

— Maxim (@MaximMag) June 14, 2018

Saoirse is totally focused on her work, and has never put herself out there among the likes who live for approval from Maxim and other so-called purveyors of sexy chicks.  She denounced the trashiest “celebrity” of all, Kim Kardashian, back in 2014 when KK posed naked, with her deformed, oily butt protruding, on the cover of some irrelevant magazine.

Though she never mentioned her by name, Saoirse told Irish talk show host Ryan Tubridy, “I saw a magazine cover of someone. I am sure you will all know who she is. She is a TV personality, and the cover was disgusting. She was naked. And it was not in a kind-of beautiful, kind-of artistic way. It was disgusting.”

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