Leading Irish actors such as Saoirse Ronan, Cillian Murphy, Tom Vaughn-Lawlor, Liam Cunningham, and James Nesbitt have joined the Together for Yes campaign by voicing their support in a powerful black and white video.

Ahead of the upcoming referendum on May 25th, a newly released video brings together a whole host of respected Irish talent to spread awareness of the Together for Yes campaign.

Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan is among the actors pushing for change as they relay the current issues that Irish women face on a daily basis. 

"Why should anyone but me decide what happens to my own body? My. Own. Body. On May 25th, you'll be asked to vote on whether we should repeal the 8th amendment in our constitution. A Yes vote is a vote for compassion, So come on Ireland, Vote yes, for women’s safety, for a just society, for a fairer Ireland," the video urges.

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Carlow native Ronan told the Irish Times earlier this year that she would be voting yes when the referendum happens. 

The 24-year-old told the outlet, “I was coming into my womanhood when that discussion was being had after the marriage referendum.  And I know so many people who have been affected by this situation. I just feel everybody has a right to their own body. Everyone has a right to make their own decisions.”

“People totally have a right to be pro-choice or pro-life,” she says. “But I think it will be an empowering thing for the people of Ireland to get out and make their own decision on the topic. More than anything else – regardless of how you vote – we need to be given the chance to have our voices heard," she said.

Cillian Murphy previously told Rubberbandit's star and activist Blindboy Boatclub that it is imperative that men get out and vote in the upcoming referendum.

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“Men and women are custodians of this society and we both decide what’s going to happen for our future. I feel that very, very strongly," he said.

"And I think, you know, that you can be well-intentioned and say ‘look, it should be for women to decide this’, but we need to go out and support women on this."

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Notable stars such as Boy George, Caitriona Balfe, and Hozier have also taken to social media to call on people to have their say. 

I hope Ireland votes yes on a 'women's right to choose' because no women has an abortion on a whim.

— Boy George (@BoyGeorge) April 26, 2018