Ryan Tubridy is set to win the hottest seat in Irish Television as host of "The Late Late Show," the world’s longest running show. The 35-year-old will take over from Pat Kenny, who is stepping down at the end of this season.

Speculation about who would take over the reins of Ireland's national broadcaster RTE’s signature show has been intense, with Tubridy, current affairs television presenter Miriam O’Callaghan and radio presenter Joe Duffy the favorites for the job.

RTE have decided to err on the side of youth and Tubridy will take over the show, which first aired on July 6 1962. Irish Broadcasting legend Gay Byrne fronted the show for 35 years, stepping down in 1999 when Kenny took over.

The latter announced on air this year that it was time for him to vacate the prime time Friday night slot and since then rumors have been flying around as to who would replace him.

O'Callaghan was touted as a shoo-in, but it is the separated father-of-two who presents "The Tubridy Show" on Saturday nights who will assume the moust sought after gig in Irish TV.